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Buy our pre-made, tried-and-tested escape room scenarios

Have you always wanted to start your own escape room?

Do you already own an escape room and want to add some additional, awesome games which have already been created for you?

We have six, brilliant, generation-1-style escape rooms which you can purchase as a scenario. These games were run as live escape rooms at our physical premises in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK between 2019 when we opened and 2023 when we closed. They were very popular games and we won a Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Award in 2022 and 2023 because of our huge number of 5-star reviews. By generation-1-style, we mean that our games use physical padlocks and don't use any technology (so there's no complicated tech to set up and it's far more cost-effective!)

We have had thousands of people play our games, including escape room enthusiasts who have played hundreds of games! We design all of our games ourselves with love, care and attention and we loved hosting them when we were open. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of our scenarios, we suggest that you first play the game online (you can purchase it through our website) so that you can experience all of the puzzles first-hand and see our original versions of these games in their rooms at our physical venue!

What will you get when you purchase a scenario?

When you purchase one of our game scenarios, you will receive these digital files:

  • A game overview flow-chart (which outlines the flow of puzzles in a game)

  • A game play plan (which details each step of the game, what the puzzles are and the order in which they need to be solved)

  • A clue plan (which gives progressively more helpful clues for each puzzle in a game)

  • quick code reference guide (which lists all of the codes and padlocks for the game)

  • All of the printable versions of the clues (all of the paper-based clues are already made for you!)

  • The game background story ​

PLUS: You will also be given a 40-mile radius around your escape room venue, so no-one else within that 40-mile area will be able to have the game you have purchased. We hold the sole rights to online versions of these games and they not be available online from anywhere else. We will also include your venue in a list on our website of the physical locations of our games, so our previous customers who love our games know where to find you!

(Physical props are not included, which keeps the price down for you and gives you the opportunity to be creative and choose furniture and props that you like to decorate your game room!)

How much will it cost?

The prices vary due to game difficulty level and amount of digital products included and they are as follows:

Amnesia: £1100

Saving Wonderland: £1100

Jungle Escape: £1200

The Witch's Lair: £1300

The Z-Files: £1400

Zombie Nightmare: £1500

How to purchase

  1. Email us at to let us know which game scenario you are interested in purchasing and let us know your venue location and postcode so we can check you're clear of the 40-mile radius of another game. 

  2. Play your chosen game online so you can see what it looks like in action (recommend step)

  3. We will then send you our Ts & Cs for you to review and sign 

  4. Once you have signed and returned these, we will email you an invoice that you can pay online (minus the cost of one online game, if you played this beforehand)

  5. When payment has been made, we will send you all the of the resources you need for your game and you can go ahead and set up your escape room! 

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