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Bespoke escape room design

Do you have a special event that you would like a bespoke game designed for?

If you are planning a wedding, party, team-building event, celebration or other type of special event, we can create the perfect escape game for you!

If you want something that can be fully personalised and make your event memorable and unique, why not have us design an escape game for you?

Prices start at £750 and will vary on the length of game and amount of personalisation that you require.


For example:

  • A 10-minute non-personalised game for a wedding (with 'Wedding' is the theme) costs £750

  • A 10-minute personalised game for a wedding (including the names and details about marriage party and family members of your choosing) costs £850

  • A 10-minute personalised and themed game (including the above plus specific themes such as favourite TV shows or films)  costs £950 

These examples all include printing and postage costs to the UK and you get to keep the props and items provided. 

For more information and a quote, please email us at and let us know exactly what you're looking for and we will reply as soon as possible with a price estimate!

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