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eGift Cards

Our eGift cards make a fantastic present for friends and family anywhere in the world!

With our eGift cards, your lucky recipient can play any of our online games, no matter where they are as long as they have an internet connection and (ideally) a laptop! Each of our online games is only £15 to play, and one of our eGift cards is £15 to purchase which means it covers the cost of an entire online game, which is for up to 6 players! Our online games are the exact same games as we have at our live venue and the players will explore the game room in a 360 photo which they can click and drag to move around; they will be able to interact with the items in the room and have great fun playing the game from the comfort of their own home! Click here to read more about our online games! 

As an added bonus, our eGift cards have no expiry date!

To order an eGift Card to use against one of our online games, all you need to do is complete the order form below! 

You can choose whether you would like to have the gift card delivered to yourself or directly to the person you are gifting it to!

If you choose to send it directly to your recipient, then you are also able to choose a handy delivery date for the email to be sent on!

If you would rather decide when to send their eGift Card later on, you can send it to yourself by choosing the 'for myself' option and then you can forward this email on to the recipient whenever you like!

Once the form details have been filled in and your payment completed, depending on the option you choose, you or your voucher recipient will receive an email with the eGift Card inside and a special code.

When they come to redeem their eGift Card, all they need to do is select which online game they would like to play, tick the box that says 'redeem a gift card' at the checkout, pop in their code and the amount of the gift voucher will be discounted from the price of the game! 

eGift Card


[eGift cards are for ONLINE GAMES ONLY!]
Our eGift Cards make an awesome present as they are redeemable against our online games which can be played anywhere in the world!

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