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About us!

Hello and welcome to Prestige Escape Rooms, it's great to have you here!

Welcome to our independent escape room!

We are Francesca and Steve and it's lovely to virtually meet you! 

We are the husband and wife owners and creators of Prestige Escape Rooms Ltd! 

We first discovered escape rooms several years ago on our honeymoon, then in 2019 on a holiday to Cornwall, we played 4 games in one day and decided on that day that we were going to create our very own escape rooms and bring them to our home town in Lowestoft so that people could have something new, different, fun and exciting to do here! 

Where it all started

We first opened Prestige Escape Rooms on Lowestoft High Street in October 2019 with just one room - Saving Wonderland - which was closely followed about a month later by our second room, Amnesia! We all know what happened the following year with us being closed for several months at a time, but in September 2020 we opened  a second location on the High Street with Jungle Escape and The Z-Files!

During lockdown in May 2021, we released our play-at-home rental game, The Lost Boxes!

Fast-forward to July 2021, after being closed for a total of 12 months for lockdowns and moving premises, we finally reopened our doors at our new and current premises at 169-170 High street, with all of our games under one roof! 

In May 2022, we opened The Witch's Lair! 

In June 2022, we launched Saving Wonderland, Amnesia and Jungle Escape as online games using the awesome Telescape platform, which lets you play games virtually! 

In November 2022 we opened Zombie Nightmare - our hardest game!

In May 2023, we unfortunately had to close our venue as our property's lease wasn't renewed but we wanted to ensure that Prestige lived on so our awesome real escape rooms are still available to play online!


You will love our unique games!

Francesca is our games-designer and creates all of the puzzles, riddles, stories and clues that make the game experience. Steve then builds and designs the game rooms, makes everything else that we need and brings Francesca's ideas to life! We design, create and build all of our games ourselves, so you won't find them anywhere else in the world, which means that you will find new and different puzzles in each of our escape games! We design everything ourselves because we want to ensure that the teams who visit us would have the absolute best, fun experience possible! 

We are proud to be a 'generation 1' style of escape room. What this means is that, when you visit us, you will find lots of different types of padlocks and combination locks in each of our rooms, with challenging clues, puzzles and riddles that don't rely on any technology. We make all of our rooms to this style as this is the type of escape room that we love to play ourselves and our visitors often told us that our style of games gave them a good challenge!

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our games are quite challenging and we definitely wouldn't say that any of them are easy! Our six escape games ascend in difficulty from Amnesia, Saving Wonderland, Jungle Escape, The Witch's Lair, The Z-Files to Zombie Nightmare . We allow unlimited clues in all of our games so they are suitable for absolute beginners who may need more help, to enthusiasts who have done hundreds of games who want to complete as much as they can without clues! 


Ready for your next escape room experience?

If you are looking for something fun and new to do, then we have exactly what you are looking for! If you love puzzles and want to give your brain a good challenge, our games are perfect for this! Our real escape rooms are available to play online, so you can play the exact games that we had at our live venue and see them in their former glory! We have created the online games using the magic of 360 images and photos, so you can have a good look around the game room and interact with all of the props in there, it's awesome!

If you have any questions at all, please check out our FAQs page which has got loads of useful info, or don't hesitate to get in touch via the Contact page

We hope to (virtually) see you soon!

Francesca and Steve :-)

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