Privacy Policy 

The type of information that we may collect from you at the time of booking includes:
- Your name 
- Your email address
- Your phone number
- Your credit card or Paypal information 
- The date and time of your booking and the number of participants 

They are used to: 
- Confirm your booking 
- Make a booking in your name
- Make a record of your booking for administration purposes
- Contact you if there are any changes to your booking or to remind you about an upcoming booking or thank you for attending 
- Manage and run our business
- Take a payment for your booking

Images and photography 

After your game session, your game-master will ask if you are happy for them to take a photo of your team to share on our social media accounts. This is optional. If you agree, you agree to us sharing this photo on our social media accounts and website. 
During the game, we monitor the sessions through CCTV but these images are monitored in real-time only and are not recorded or stored.