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online escape room games

Play from home, anywhere in the world!

  • Our online games are the exact same game as we have at our venue!

  • Difficulty order from least - most difficult: Amnesia, Saving Wonderland, Jungle Escape, The Witch's Lair!

  • Play a real-life escape room from the comfort of your own home - anywhere in the world!

  • Built in the Telescape platform using 360 photos and images

  • Each game costs only £15 and this single purchase can host up to 6 players!

  • In-built optional video call feature

  • No booking time or game host required as you play at your own pace!

  • Play solo or with up to 5 other players (and you don't even have to be in the same country!)

Our games are perfect if you are looking to play a real-life, physical escape room from home!

  • Pre-game introduction and instruction video from us

  • Point and click escape game

  • Click and drag to pan around the room 

  • Click on items to interact with them and see them in your inventory 

  • Input codes into the real locks around the room and get that satisfying feeling of opening a real lock!

  • 72 hours to complete the game from when you click the link

  • Timer at the end to show you your finish time (if under 5 hours)

  • After purchasing, you get emailed a link - this doesn't expire so you don't have to start until you're ready, even if that's in a week's time! (Just don't click the link until you are ready or the 72 hours will start counting down!)

  • Best played on a laptop with a fast internet connection

  • Built-in clue system with graduated clues and answers if you really need them!

Also great for large groups as are escape room team-building task!

  • Each game purchased admits up to 6 players

  • For groups over 6 players, simply purchase enough game logins (through separate purchases) to accomodate all of your players.

  • These separate games can then still all be played at the same time!

  • For example, if you have 18 players, just make 3 separate purchases of the game and you will be emailed 3 separate links which you can then forward onto other people and have them only click the link once they and the rest of their teammates are ready. This is a brilliant way to have several teams play and compete at the same time! You will need to email the link to each person who wants to play the game, but just make sure that they don't click it until you are all ready! 

We are a small, independent company and we lovingly design all of our games ourselves with all of you awesome escapers in mind!

  • All of our games are 100% designed, created and built by us, Francesca and Steve - the husband and wife owners of Prestige Escape Rooms - so you won't find them anywhere else in the world

  •  If you are an escape room expert who has played 100s of games and takes them very seriously, then our games probably aren't for you.

  • But if you like to have fun and play unique, real-life escape rooms designed with lots of love and care then you will love our games!

  • We are a generation-1 style escape room which means we don't spend all of our budget on special effects and set decoration, instead we focus our energy on creating fun and testing puzzles, riddles and clues for you to solve in order to open the traditional different types of combination locks (which can be numbers, letters or directions!)

  • We were super chuffed to win the Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice award in 2022 - please feel free to check us out on Tripadvisor to read our awesome reviews! Or see our fab Google reviews!

We can't wait to welcome you to our escape rooms from wherever you are on the planet!

Good luck and have fun! 

Francesca & Steve :-)

P.S. We currently only have 4 of our games available online but we will soon be adding our other games too! Make sure to subscribe to our news emails on our website homepage and we will let you know when we release our next online game! 

Note: These games are for personal use but may be used for corporate team-building events, however they must not be resold and you must not charge a fee to anyone playing them. Please see our Ts&Cs for more info.

Psst... Here's a sneak preview of some of the locks you will come across in our online games!

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