Frequently asked questions


> What do we do when we arrive?

Please read the notices outside and ring the bell to let us know you are here. YOU MUST ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE your game to allow time for your briefing. If you arrive on or after your start time, your game time will be reduced and we may have to cancel your session without refund or exchange as any lateness affects other groups' sessions. 

> What facilities do you have?

Please note that we DO NOT HAVE TOILET FACILITIES on site and are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. The closest public toilets are in Sparrows Nest park, next to the coffee shop (NR32 1XG). There is a public car park near Sparrows Nest park on Whapload Road (NR32 1UX). If you would like to visit the toilets before your game, we recommend that you park in the car park mentioned above and then you can walk through Sparrows Nest park, passing the toilets on your way, to get to us. This is only about a 5 minute walk and is a very scenic walk through the park! There is  another public car park close by to us on St Peter's street (NR32 1QA) and there is a single public toilet near the car park on Old Market Plain (NR32 1PX)Please ensure you leave plenty of time before your game for toilet visits and parking as you will need to arrive 15 minutes before your game starts for your briefing. 

> Where can I park?

There are two public car parks near our venue. A Pay & Display car park can be found just off the roundabout, on St Peter's street (NR32 1QA). We recommend that you get more than 1 hour of parking as you will need time either side of your game for your briefing and debriefing. Or, there is another car park on Whapload Road (NR32 1UX) - this one means that you will get to enjoy a walk through Sparrows Nest Park on the way here and you will pass some public toilets on your way. Each car park is approximately a 5-minute walk from our venue. 

> What is your address?

We are located at 169 High Street, Lowestoft, NR32 1HU. We are right next door to the Sgt Peppers restaurant.

> Is there a minimum age?

Yes. The minimum age for players is 10-years-old. Players between 10-15 must be accompanied by at least one adult over-18. We do not permit entry to any persons who are not taking part in the game. Only the number of people booked for will be allowed onto the premises, subject to minimum age requirements. 

> When do we need to arrive?

You must arrive 15 minutes before your session is due to begin to allow time for your briefing with your game-master. Please do not be late as this will affect the following group and if you arrive after your start time, we may have to cancel your session with no refund. 

> Can I reschedule or cancel a room after booking?

We are not able to offer refunds for games that are cancelled after booking. We are also not able to offer refunds for less players than are booked for attend on the day. We are usually not able to reschedule rooms, especially with less than 48-hours notice. If you do wish to reschedule your game, please contact us but be aware that we may not be able to reschedule your game and so you will need to therefore attend at your original game time or cancel without refund. Please see our Ts&Cs for more info. 

> Can I book more than one room at once? 

It is not possible to book more than one room for the same time-slot via the website. If this is something that you would be interested in doing then please contact us via email or the 'Contact' page of this website and we can arrange a session that is perfect for your group!

> Is there anything I can't have in the room?

Yes, food and drink are not permitted. Also phones, cameras and recording equipment are not allowed to be used within our escape rooms.

> Are we actually locked in?

No. You are never physically locked in the room at any point. 

> Do we have to crawl through small spaces?

No. You don't have to do this in any of our games. 

> Will it be dark?

No, you will be able to see where you are going in each of our rooms. 

> Will there be something I'm scared of in the room?

Hopefully not as our rooms aren't designed to be scary! If you have a particular phobia of something, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to advise you! 

> Do I need to prepare beforehand?

No, just make sure you are in the zone!

> Do I need to bring anything?

Yes - your brain! Apart from this, you won't need anything else. 

> What if it's too hard or we get stuck?

Don't worry! Your game-master is there to provide useful hints and clues throughout your session whenever you need them!

> What if we can't do it?

If you don't complete the game within your hour, your time will be up, but don't worry because you will still have had a brilliant time! You can also pose for a photo with our 'Locked In' board.

> What happens after our session is over?

Your game-master will be eager to hear about how you enjoyed the game and, if you like, will take a group photo for you to be immortalised on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

> Does it matter if we've never done one before?

Not at all! Your game-master will give you a briefing before your session begins so you know what to expect and will be ready to help you whenever you need it. 

> Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes! Please see our terms and conditions for more information about gift vouchers. Send us a message through our contact page to purchase your voucher!

> How hard are the games?

If you take a look on The Rooms page, you will find some info about the difficulty of our different games.

For any Covid-19 related queries, please see the Covid-19 page of our website for procedures.