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Frequently Asked Questions

> Will there be something I'm scared of in the room?

Hopefully not! If you have a specific phobia of something, we recommend that you please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to advise you! The Witch's Lair is designed to be creepy but there are no small spaces, jump scares, or live actors in this game. Zombie Nightmare does have some gory elements and fake blood so do not do this room if you don't like blood! 

> Is The Witch's Lair suitable for children?

This is up to you to decide. Although we wouldn't call this a scary game or a horror game, the theme of the game is quite creepy and psychological, so we will leave this choice totally up to you and it is at your discretion. 

> Is Zombie Nightmare suitable for children?

Again, this is totally up to your interpretation. There is some fake blood in this game and some mildly-gory props, but nothing too bad!

> Do I need to prepare beforehand or have any general knowledge?

No, just make sure you are in the zone! You don't need to have any prior or general knowledge, just bring your brainpower!

> What if it's too hard or we get stuck?

Don't worry! There is a super handy clue system built into the game which you can use whenever you like, as often as you like!

> Why do we get 72 hours to play online?

Don't worry, it doesn't take 72 hours to complete our games! The games were limited to an hour long when they were at our live venue but the time it usually takes to complete the games online is a little longer than this, which increases with each progression of difficulty level between games. We decided to give you 72 hours as this gives you plenty of time to spread the game out over a few days if you want to, which is especially handy if you are playing online with your family and friends who live in different time zones to you!

> Can I buy a gift voucher?

We sell eGift cards for our online games! 

> How hard are the games?

If you take a look on The Rooms page, you will find some info about the difficulty of our different games.

> How often do you release new games?

Good question! We are always squirrelling away behind the scenes working on new projects! So if you want to be the first to find out about these then simply subscribe to our news emails by clicking right here and we will let you know every time we have a new release!

> What are the difficulty levels?

All of our rooms allow unlimited clues so, whichever room you choose, your game host will be ready to help you as much or as little as you want and all players of all levels are welcome to try any room they would like! 

Each room has a game-play time limit of 1 hour!

We are proud to say that all of our escape rooms are challenging and none of them are easy! But there is a small increase in difficulty between each of the games. 

In order from least difficult (still not easy!) to most-difficult, they are: 

Medium difficulty:Amnesia and Saving Wonderland, 

Hard difficulty: Jungle Escape and The Witch's Lair

Very challenging!: The Z-Files and Zombie Nightmare!

Groups who have visited other escape rooms often comment that our games are more challenging than other games they have played, which we are proud of!

This is why our least difficult game, Amnesia, is still rated as a medium difficulty as our least difficult seems to equate to a medium difficulty elsewhere.

Also, when we say Zombie Nightmare is our most difficult game, we mean it! This game has broken several groups streaks for escaping, including a group who had escaped from the last 50 games they had played! At our live venue, we also hosted groups who had completed over 140 games and they got locked in here! Don't be put off though as this is an awesome, fun game that you will love if you love any of the popular zombie films or tv shows, and don't forget you get 72 hours to complete it!

First time here? Welcome!

I've done an escape room before, what sort of puzzles can we expect?

In-house game-designers

We're very proud to say that ALL of our games have been completely designed, created and built by our owners Francesca and Steve (who you will probably get to meet as your game host!), who you can read more about on our About Us page! We are a small, independent escape room, not a franchise, so that means that our games are unique and can't be found anywhere else!

Generation 1 traditional escape rooms

Ok, let's get geeky now! Our games are all of a traditional-style, generation-1 format. This means that although we have a good room decor, this isn't our main focus as we like to put all of our creative energy into ensuring that our puzzles and clues are designed to challenge you, in a fun way of course! You can also expect to find real padlocks of different types, including number locks (of various forms), letter locks and even directional locks! This also means that we don't have much tech as we feel that our games are challenging enough without any of the tech and we enjoy working out our brains! 

Huge variety of challenging puzzles

Will you still be challenged even though you've done an escape room before? OH YES!

Our five games increase in difficulty, with Amnesia being the 'least difficult' but not easy! Then Zombie Nightmare is our most challenging game, with even enthusiast groups getting locked in this room, this one will give you a seriously good challenge!

Best order to play

If you want to play all of our games, we always recommend starting with Amnesia and then working your way up (see The Rooms page for more info on difficulty) through the next games in order, which will give you the best experience! Although, Amnesia still isn't 'easy' and our 'least difficult' room might be considered 'moderately difficult' elsewhere! If you're on holiday and don't have enough time to play all of our games in person, then we recommend you choose the game which you most like the story of and go for that one! 

Escape room combination key padlocks

Here are some of the padlocks you might expect to see in our games! Don't worry, we'll show you how to use the ones you need in your game briefing!

So how does it work?

Choosing a game

First of all, you'll want to decide which of our escape rooms you'd like to try.

We will say now that none of our games are easy! But we do suggest a particular order if you have never played our games before which is:

Amnesia - Saving Wonderland - Jungle Escape - Witch's Lair - The Z-Files - Zombie Nightmare!

(The background stories of each game and more details on game difficulty can be found on The Rooms page!) We recommend you start with Amnesia or Saving Wonderland for your first game and remember that unlimited clues are available if you need them!

Purchasing a game

Simply head to our online games page, choose which game you'd like to play and follow the instructions to purchase. Once you've made your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to play your game online - we recommend that you DON'T click this link until you are ready to play so you don't accidentally start your countdown timer! You can have up to 6 players in one game login, which is a bargain for just £15! 

During your game

You will get to explore a 360-degree image of our awesome, real game rooms that we had at our live venue. You will be able to click on objects and interact with them, and they will be collected in your inventory! You will have 72 hours to complete your game, which is plenty of time! You can email your code to your teammates and they can play with you, even if they are thousands of miles away in another country! There is an in-built video-call feature which you can also choose to use if you like so you can talk to your teammates throughout the game! There is a very handy clue system which you can use whenever you feel a little bit stuck and you want some extra help! 

Want to ask us a question?

No problem at all! 

You might like to check out our FAQs above for a load of useful information too.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have a question you'd like answered, no matter if it seems 'silly', we're sure it isn't and we want to make sure you have the best time with us! 

You can reach us via Facebook Messenger, through the Contact page of our website, or via email at 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Also, if you want to be first to find out about our future game releases then subscribe to our awesome news emails by clicking right here and popping your email into the box! Easy peasy! 

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