Terms and conditions 


Once a booking has been made, you accept that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions. 


The minimum age for all players is 10 years old, anyone under this age will not be permitted entry. Players that are between the ages of 10-15 years old, will need to be accompanied by at least one adult (over 18 years old).  

Payment is taken at the time of booking.

YOU MUST ARRIVE 15 minutes before your game start time. As this is a live experience, our games must start on time as any late starts affect the following session.

 So if you arrive on or after your start time, your hour will already have started so you will have less time to complete your game. 

Our escape rooms are a live event and so cancellations cannot be made or refunds given once the booking is confirmed and payment accepted. If a booking is cancelled, we reserve the right to open your cancelled time slot to other customers without refund. Any deposits left for sessions booked via other means, such as email or telephone, are also non-refundable.

Only one room is available per each hour time slot. So you are not able to book two rooms for the same time slot via the website, meaning that when one room is booked at a particular time, this time slot will then be unavailable for that specific time. However, if you have a group of more than 8 people, you can either book slots at different times or contact us so that we can ensure we get you the right booking for your group needs. We are sometimes able to run two rooms simultaneously for large group bookings - please contact us via email if this is something you would be interested in. 

Prestige Escape Rooms Lowestoft will take steps to ensure the security of your payment information through our website, but you accept that the internet is not secure and therefore we do not accept liability for any loss of confidentiality of your information.


We collect your personal information provided in order to create and accept a booking and do not pass this on to any third-parties.  

In the event that less players attend the game than was originally booked for, we are unable to refund the difference. In the event that more players wish to attend than was originally booked for, please contact us beforehand to let us know as we may be able to adapt your booking. 

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be purchased in denominations of 2,3,4,5 and 6 people at £20 per person. 

Gift vouchers are valid for 9 months from the date of purchase. 

When the recipient of the voucher comes to book their session, we are not able to refund the difference in amounts if they wish to bring less people than the number that the voucher was purchased for.

When the recipient of the voucher comes to book their session, if they wish to increase the number of people that they would like to attend, they are able to pay for each extra person at the time of booking, to a maximum of 6 people.

When purchasing a gift voucher, we will ask for the full name of the recipient of the voucher, so that we can ensure our vouchers are not used fraudulently. 

When the recipient of the voucher wishes to book their game session, they will need to contact us to arrange a date and time suitable for them. Our availability is displayed on our website and is subject to change.

The gift voucher(s) will be sent to the purchaser via email. We are happy for you to forward this email on to the recipient of the voucher or to print a copy of the voucher, but please restrict this to just one copy for the main recipient. 

Playing a room 

If we suspect that any players in attendance are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we have the right to refuse entry to that player or the entire group without a refund. This is to protect our customers' and our staff's safety. 

No food or drink is permitted within our escape rooms.

We ask that players move through the rooms in a safe and sensible manner. We do not require players to climb on anything or crawl through narrow spaces.


All players accept responsibility for their own personal safety, security and any health conditions that they may have. 

The escape room owner or employees shall not be liable for any personal  injuries, death, loss or damage to personal items that occur whilst within any part of our rooms, venue or premises. 

You accept responsibility for your personal belongings whilst on our premises and the escape room owner or employees shall not be held liable for any loss of your property whilst on our premises.

You agree to listen to and accept the rules of the escape room as provided by the escape room game master before the session. 

You agree not to bring any dangerous or harmful objects, chemicals or materials onto our site. 

You are responsible for wearing suitable clothing and footwear required for an escape room. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and footwear. 

Use of any photo-taking or recording equipment is not allowed within our venue. Equipment including cameras, mobile phones, tablets, video recorders and other equipment which can take photos or record footage is prohibited from use whilst in any part of our venue. We reserve the right to refuse entry to or end the game (without refund) of anyone that attempts to take any of the above actions. 

We are entitled to charge players minimum damage fee of £20 per any item or object damaged by the player, this fee may increase depending on the object(s) damaged. 

We expect players to keep the details of each of our escape rooms secret and not to disclose these with other members of the public. 

We do not tolerate abusive or offensive behaviour towards any of our staff and reserve the right to end a game and ask players to leave in this instance. 

Prestige Escape Rooms 

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