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Our six fantastic escape rooms!


You've woken up in an unknown room and you're locked in. You can't remember where you are or how you got there. Come to think of it, you can't even remember your own name. You need to find out your true identify before you can escape. 

Saving wonderland

You've followed the white rabbit into Wonderland, but it's not what you expected. Wonderland is dying because the magic ingredient has been stolen. Find the magic ingredient and save Wonderland before it disappears forever!  


Into the jungle you must head

so your missing friend doesn't end up dead.

To set them free you must discover

the jungle secret with one another.

In order to escape, you must work together. 

If you fail your mission, you will be here forever. 

THE Witch's Lair

Our lovely game-designer, Francesca, has gone missing. The Witch’s Lair was the last room that she was working on. She was researching the history of witchcraft in Lowestoft in the 1600s. Whilst Francesca was designing the game, she changed. Just days before we were due to open the game, she vanished. We have decided with a heavy heart to open this game to the public in the hope that one of you will be able to find some clues about what could have happened to her.


You are a new FBI agent and have been recruited by agents M.Boulder and S.Gully to assist with a missing person case. However, it's not a simple case as the missing person has previously claimed to be an alien abductee. You need to use your fresh and brilliant secret-agent to solve the case before your supervising agents return.

This game was available at our live venue and we are currently working hard to get this online as soon as possible for you to enjoy!


The zombie apocalypse is upon us! You and your friends have been camping out in what you thought was a safe location, but you’ve just realised that an enormous zombie herd is approaching and your base camp will be completely swarming with them in an hour’s time. You have been nominated by the group to get back to basecamp and retrieve some important items for everyone before the herd destroys it all. You must collect all 6 items and you need to make sure to get out in time otherwise you will be eaten alive!

This room came about because Francesca, our game designer, loves the film Shaun of the Dead along with others like Walking Dead, Zombie Land and 28 weeks later. This game is not affiliated to these films and shows in any way but if you are a fan of these films then you will enjoy this room!

This game was available at our live venue and we are currently working hard to get this online as soon as possible for you to enjoy!

What are the difficulty levels?

All of our online games have a time limit of 72 hours - so there is plenty of time for you to complete them! When these were live games at our venue, they all had a time limit of 1 hour to complete! 

We are proud to say that all of our escape rooms are challenging and none of them are easy! But there is a small increase in difficulty between each of the games. 

In order from least difficult (still not easy!) to most-difficult, they are: 

Medium difficulty:Amnesia and Saving Wonderland, 

Hard difficulty: Jungle Escape and The Witch's Lair

Challenging!: The Z-Files

Very challenging!: Zombie Nightmare!

Groups who have visited other escape rooms often comment that our games are more challenging than other games they have played, which we are proud of!

This is why our least difficult game, Amnesia, is still rated as a medium difficulty as our least difficult seems to equate to a medium difficulty elsewhere.

Also, when we say Zombie Nightmare is our most difficult game, we mean it! This game has broken several groups streaks for escaping, including a group who had escaped from the last 50 games they had played! Don't be put off though as this is an awesome, fun game that you will love if you love any of the popular zombie films or tv shows!

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