Saving wonderland

You've followed the white rabbit into Wonderland, but it's not what you expected. Wonderland is dying because the magic ingredient has been stolen. Find the magic ingredient and save Wonderland before it disappears forever! 



You've woken up in an unknown room and you're locked in. You can't remember where you are or how you got there. Come to think of it, you can't even remember your own name. You need to find out your true identify before you can escape. 

Wooden House in the Forest


Into the jungle you must head

so your missing friend doesn't end up dead.

To set them free you must discover

the jungle secret with one another.

In order to escape, you must work together. 

If you fail your mission, you will be here forever. 

Files and Packages


You are a new FBI agent and have been recruited by agents M.Boulder and S.Gully to assist with a missing person case. However, it's not a simple case as the missing person has previously claimed to be an alien abductee. You need to use your fresh and brilliant secret-agent to solve the case before your supervising agents return.


What are the difficulty levels?

All of our rooms allow unlimited clues so, whichever room you choose, your game host will be ready to help you as much or as little as you want and all players of all levels are welcome to try any room they would like! 

Each room has a game-play time limit of 1 hour!

Saving Wonderland and Amnesia are both challenging rooms and are of a similar difficulty but are great for both first-timers and experienced escapers

Jungle Escape is slightly harder than Saving Wonderland and Amnesia but is still suitable for beginners and experienced escapers will also enjoy this room!

The Z-Files is a challenging room and we would recommend that you have at least completed one other escape room before you attempt this one, but beginners who enjoy a challenge are very welcome to have a go! 

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