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The Lost boxes

The Lost Boxes are an escape room in a box! Well, 3 boxes! They have been completely designed in-house by us with you, our wonderful customers, in mind. So if you have ever played any of our games before, you will love The Lost Boxes!

The Lost Boxes are a game that you can play at home so that you can have an amazing escape room experience without even leaving the house! 

We recommend a team size of 2-6 players, however single players who enjoy a challenge are welcome to have a go!

It can be quite a challenging game so we recommend a minimum player age of 14; it may be too difficult for children under this age and is unsuitable for children under 12.

Watch the video below to find out more...

The story of The Lost Boxes

Your dear friend, Dr Findiana Bones, needs your help with his quest to find the missing sarcophagus of Menkaure, which was lost in a shipwreck over one-hundred years ago. Solve the challenges within the lost boxes to reveal its location!

Renting The Lost Boxes

  • Comes complete with a full game-guide and clue pack so you won't get stuck on any puzzles

  • 24-hours rental time - to give your team plenty of time to complete the game

  • £50 per 24 hours - extra sessions of 24 hours can be added if needed 

  • £20 deposit is required. This deposit will be returned within 24 hours of the game being returned to us in good condition, with nothing damaged or missing

  • We deliver the game to you with free delivery up to 10 miles, £5 after this up to a maximum of 15 miles.

  • You are now also able to collect The Lost Boxes from our venue. You will just need to have a car with plenty of boot space! 

  • Please see the 'The Lost Boxes' section of our terms and conditions for more information

Check out what our customers are saying about The Lost Boxes!

"We had a brilliant time. We found The Lost Boxes to be a balanced mixture of different brain teasers with little repetition. It did take us a while to complete, but it felt so good to be taken on an engrossing adventure and forget about reality of world events! In addition, having a compact tangible escape room in boxes is refreshing rather than looking at a screen to do one. Thank you!"

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