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First time here?

We're so glad you're here!

On this page, you will find all sorts of useful information that will help you to know what to expect when you come to play one of our escape rooms! If you're looking for other helpful info about where to park and location of closest toilets etc, then head over to our FAQs page!

So, if you have never played an escape room before, or you have but you have never played any of our games before, then read on!

P.S. Here's a bonus clue: follow us on Instagram where we share tips from Francesca our game designer on how to actually successfully escape from our games!

Never played an escape room before?

No problem! We know that the idea of going to an escape room can be quite a strange or even nerve-wracking idea if you have never done it before. Probably thanks to some scary films or other horror stories you might have heard about escape rooms!

But don't worry

We absolutely LOVE to host first-time players and we will do everything we can to put your mind at ease and help you to have the best time possible! Our game hosts are all lovely, friendly people (if we do say so ourselves!) and are very enthusiastic and passionate about what we do so we want to make sure you have an awesome experience! The main aim of our escape rooms is to help you have fun and to get your brains working with our clues and puzzles! Think of it as playing a detective-style board game in real life!

So how does it work?

Choosing a game

First of all, you'll want to decide which of our escape rooms you'd like to try.

We will say now that none of our games are easy! But we do suggest a particular order if you have never visited us before which is:

Amnesia - Saving Wonderland - Jungle Escape - Witch's Lair - The Z-Files

(The background stories of each game and more details on game difficulty can be found on The Rooms page!) We recommend you start with Amnesia or Saving Wonderland for your first game and remember that unlimited clues are available if you need them!

Booking a game

Then you will need to choose the date and time you'd like your game to be!

Simply head over to the Book Live Game page, click on your chosen game then you will be taken to a calendar where you can see the available dates and times. Select the one you want and then you'll be taken through the booking process! We recommend you read the Ts and Cs before booking too so you're prepared with all of the info you need! 

Before you arrive

On our FAQs page we recommend the best places for you to park to help you plan any toilet visits on your way to us as we don't have any at the venue. You'll also need to make sure you leave plenty of time for your journey as our escape rooms are a live, scheduled event so we must start on time. When you arrive at the venue, simply ring the doorbell and your game host will come out to greet you and show you in. 

When you arrive

After your game host has showed you in, you'll take a seat in our briefing room and your host will introduce themselves. You'll then be asked to sign a Ts & Cs waiver and then your host will begin your game briefing. They will explain some safety points and then they will go through the game briefing which provides you with some tips and tricks for the game you're about to play and some guidelines of things you don't need to do. You'll have an opportunity to ask any questions, then your game host will recap the background story of the game for you and lead you to your room! 

In your game room

None of our game rooms are completely dark, although some of them do have dimmer lighting to set the ambience of the room. They are all light enough for you to be able to see all parts of the room at any time, with no dark corners or spaces. You should be able to read comfortably too in all of our rooms, but we are always happy to provide torches for anyone who needs a bit of extra light to read with. 

All of our rooms are 'regular'-sized room, much the same as average rooms you'd find in an average house or office. There are no small spaces you have to crawl through or under and there are no real physical challenges in any of our games, apart from bending down to reach some padlocks.

None of our games are designed to be scary, so you won't find any jump scares or live actors in any of the rooms. The only people that will be in the room with you are your teammates and at no point will you be forced to split up from them. (Note: The Witch's Lair has a creepy storyline with creepy background music and is also in a basement room, but the game isn't designed to be scary. The Z-Files is also in a basement room, please see The Rooms page for more info about ceiling heights etc). 

Most of our rooms have chairs in the room in case any of your team needs to sit down, and we can always bring a chair into any room that doesn't have one if requested. We also have fans and heaters available for those warmer and colder months. 

Although we can't give away any of the puzzles that are in your room, we can tell you that each of our game rooms is filled with puzzles that fit with the theme of the game. These are all designed by us to ensure that you and your team have fun whilst completing the game but also to ensure that your brains are given a good workout! 

During your game, your dedicated game host will be monitoring you via camera and will be on-hand to give you any extra help you ask for through our radio system. You can have unlimited clues in any of our games and you can ask for these whenever you like during your game! 

After your game

When your game time is up because you've been locked in or you have completed the game, your host will come and meet you in the room where you can have a little chat about your experience! If you would like to have a team photo, we'll then head back to our briefing room where we'll take your team photo and you'll get to choose a team name! We will then share this on our social media in your own dedicated post (if you want to of course!). If you don't want a photo for social media, that's no problem at all, we are more than happy to take a photo on your own phone so you still have the memory to keep for yourself (or you can not have one at all which is absolutely fine!). After your team photo, you'll be able to ask your host any questions if you want to about which game you might like to do next etc, then they will show you out and you'll have just completed your first ever escape room! Yay!

I've done an escape room before, what sort of puzzles can we expect?

We're glad you asked!

In-house game-designers

We're very proud to say that ALL of our games have been completely designed, created and built by our owners Francesca and Steve (who you will probably get to meet as your game host!), who you can read more about on our About Us page! We are a small, independent escape room, not a franchise, so that means that our games are unique and can't be found anywhere else!

Generation 1 traditional escape rooms

Ok, let's get geeky now! Our games are all of a traditional-style, generation-1 format. This means that although we have a good room decor, this isn't our main focus as we like to put all of our creative energy into ensuring that our puzzles and clues are designed to challenge you, in a fun way of course! You can also expect to find real padlocks of different types, including number locks (of various forms), letter locks and even directional locks! This also means that we don't have much tech as we feel that our games are challenging enough without any of the tech and we enjoy working out our brains! 

Huge variety of challenging puzzles

Will you still be challenged even though you've done an escape room before? OH YES!

Our five games increase in difficulty, with Amnesia being the 'least difficult' but not easy! Then The Z-Files is our most challenging game, with even enthusiast groups getting locked in this room, this one will give you a seriously good challenge!

We also ask players not to randomly guess combinations to locks or use 'brute force' as this doesn't count as completing the puzzle and you need to complete all of the puzzles in order to complete the game! 

Best order to play

If you want to play all of our games, we always recommend starting with Amnesia and then working your way up (see The Rooms page for more info on difficulty) through the next games in order, which will give you the best experience! Although, Amnesia still isn't 'easy' and our 'least difficult' room might be considered 'moderately difficult' elsewhere! If you're on holiday and don't have enough time to play all of our games in person, then we recommend you choose the game which you most like the story of and go for that one! We also have some of our games online so you can always complete them virtually when you get home!

Escape room combination key padlocks

Here are some of the padlocks you might expect to see in our games! Don't worry, we'll show you how to use the ones you need in your game briefing!

Want to ask us a question?

No problem at all! 

You might like to check out our FAQs page for a load of useful information too.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have a question you'd like answered, no matter if it seems 'silly', we're sure it isn't and we want to make sure you have the best time with us! 

You can reach us via Facebook Messenger, through the Contact page of our website, or via email at 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Also, if you want to be first to find out about our future game releases then subscribe to our awesome news emails by clicking right here and popping your email into the box! Easy peasy! 

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