Closed - but not for much longer!

We will be open again soon! 

We are currently moving into our new location and hope to be open by the end of May 2021!

As soon as we have an opening date, we will post it on our website and our Facebook page!

Whilst you are waiting for us to reopen, why not check out our new play-at-home game, The Lost Boxes! Click the Play at Home link above to find out more info!

Need something fun to do?

Assemble your best team and get ready to immerse yourself in our amazing escape rooms!

The UK's most Easterly live escape game!

We've got the puzzles, you've got the brainpower!

Our escape rooms are filled with awesome clues for you to find and puzzles for you to solve within the time-limit of 1 hour!

So, choose your room, assemble your best team and book online now for a brain-engaging, thrilling and unforgettable hour of fun together!

Our game-masters are waiting to help you on your noble quest...

Our amazing escapers!

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Got questions?

No problem! 

Head over to our FAQs page to find the answers you desire.

Turn your home into an escape room with

The Lost Boxes!

The Lost Boxes are our exciting new game which you can rent to play at home!

Check out the video below and the Play at Home page for more info!