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Online escape rooms!

We've used the magic of 360-degree photos and images to turn our real-life games into an online experience so you can play online and see the EXACT same game rooms, clues and puzzles that we used to have at our awesome venue!

Just £15 for up to 6 players!

Real escape rooms, just online!


If you are looking for a REAL escape room which you can play online, then you are in the right place! Our online escape rooms have been created using a special platform called Telescape which allowed us to turn the popular escape rooms that we used to have at our live venue into awesome online escape room experiences instead! 

Play whenever, wherever!

With our online real escape rooms, you can play at any time of day or night, either by yourself or with up to 5 other players! You can play from anywhere in the world and you don't need to have a game host to help you. You can all be playing at the same time which means you can all be searching different parts of the room at once! The games have an in-built clue system which you can access if you are stuck too. 

72 hours on the clock!

Once you purchase the game, you will be emailed a login link for your game which you can either start straight away or you can leave to play whenever you are ready! Once you click the link and start the game, you have 72 hours to complete it!

Our escape rooms

Amnesia clouds.jpg




Wonderland .jpg



Saving wonderland

Wooden House in the Forest



Jungle Escape

Candle crystal spell book.jpeg



The Witch's Lair

Zombie Nightmare images_edited.png

Coming soon!

Zombie nightmare

Radio Telescopes

Coming soon!

The z-files



We are Steve and Francesca, the husband-and-wife owners of Prestige Escape Rooms! We started Prestige in 2019 with our live venue which we sadly closed in May 2023. However, we are pleased to say that our awesome real escape rooms still exist online! So you can visit them virtually and see exactly how they used to look at our lovely venue and play the exact same game that people came to play for real! 

Francesca is our game designer who creates all of the puzzles, riddles and clues that make up our games and Steve is our game builder! 

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