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If you are looking for something fun, DIFFERENT and exciting to do with your friends or family, or you have a special occasion to celebrate, then our escape rooms are PERFECT for you!

Our five, themed escape games are packed full of EXCITING, challenging and unique puzzles which are all designed right here by us, so we guarantee that you'll have a brilliant, FUN experience that you'll always remember!

Your team will have 60 minutes to complete the game so you will need to use your team's combined BRAINPOWER to solve all of the puzzles whilst having great fun doing so! 

We can't wait to help you make amazing memories!

For more details about our escape rooms, check out this page! To book your game head this way! Or if you have any questions then our FAQs page will be handy! 

Our live escape rooms

Wonderland .jpg

Saving wonderland

Candle crystal spell book.jpeg

The Witch's Lair

Wooden House in the Forest

Jungle Escape

First visit to us or first ever escape room experience?


We have a super handy '1st Time Here?' page which is full of useful info for your first visit to us.


Are you a first-timer escaper?

If you have never done an escape room before, then we know it can be quite a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you've only heard horror stories about escape rooms before! But don't worry, our escape rooms are all great fun and we would hate for anyone to miss out because they felt anxious about what to expect. So please check out this page to see loads of step-by-step information including everything from how to book, to what you can expect when you visit us and other useful topics! 

Would you rather have a solo escape experience? 

No problem at all! We are proud to now offer 1-player escape room experiences for all of our games! There are no puzzles which physically require the use of two players so you are more than welcome to attempt any of our games as a solo escaper if you wish! 

Or, if you're not confident with visiting our venue in person, you can virtually visit us and play some of our games online!

Any questions?

No problem! Check our 1st Time Here page for useful info for first-time visitors to us, or try our FAQs page for other helpful info like where to park etc. Or, please feel free to Contact us!

Our amazing escapers!

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Play online anywhere in the world!

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We are SO excited to say that three of our real-life escape rooms have been converted into ONLINE point-and-click games using the incredible Telescape platform and are NOW AVAILABLE to play! 

That means that, wherever you are in the WORLD, you can play our Saving Wonderland, Amnesia or Jungle Escape games from the comfort of your own home!

Our rental, play-at-home escape game

The LOST BOXES are our exciting new game which you can rent to play at home so that you can have an amazing escape room experience without even leaving the house!

The Lost Boxes are an escape room in a box! Well, 3 boxes! They have been completely designed in-house by us with you, our wonderful escapers, in mind. So if you have ever played any of our games before, or you want to have the all the fun experience of an escape room at home, you will love The Lost Boxes!

These are absolutely PERFECT for any kind of gathering with family or friends, or to make your special event one that your guests will never forget! 

Treasure map Lost Boxes.jpeg

Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice award 2022 winner!

We are SO proud to announce that we have won a Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice award! We are a small, family-run business and this fantastic accolade just shows that we put our heart and soul into making your escape room experience the absolute best we can! 

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Have any questions?

No problem!

Our FAQs page has the answers to lots of different questions and has lots of useful information!